7 dot 2 IT Consulting was established in November 2016 with its founder dedicated to integrity, excellence and customer’s business benefits through Information Technology consulting.

Having gained experience in different industrial setups, our team is able to provide best solutions for Startups, SMEs and Large Enterprises. Our passion is to implement solutions that give the best value and business benefits to our customers.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate IT professionals with the relevant experience to match.

Why choose us

Our Attitude

We at 7 dot 2 work with a solution oriented can do attitude and operate with integrity and ownership, focusing only on Client's success

Our Cost Effectiveness

Our clients need cost effective solutions and we have built a unique delivery system to keep our costs below industry average

Our Experience

We have project experience across technologies, industries and geographies with over 120 consulting engagements

Our Team

Our consultants have decades of experience, technology expertise and business understanding to create the best solutions

Our Quality

Delivering high quality product & services with excellence are just not buzzwords for us, but are our way of life

Our Processes & Tools

We use industry leading processes and cutting edge tools to create solutions to fit your current and future business needs

Our mission

In 2016, 7 dot 2 IT Consulting began its journey and opened its office in New Delhi, India. The company was formed with a focus to serve the technology needs of SMEs by combining the technology expertise, business understanding and strategic thinking.

SMEs are the backbone of any economy and we understand their business needs. Our mission is to bring the level of technical expertise to SMEs, that was so far afforded only be large enterprises. Our cost effective approach makes it easy for our SMEs to adopt our solutions for their business growth and success.

  • Bring strategic thinking
  • Phenomenal business success
  • Build customer’s trust
  • High value at low cost
  • Global technical expertise
  • Long term solutions

Our experience

Financial Services 87%
Business Services 75%
Consumer Products 63%
Energy and Environment 50%

Our team

  • Puneet Aggarwal

    Founder & CEO

    A successful Technology Manager, he says he owes his success to his fantastic team.

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  • Janardhana Deshpande

    Chief Architect

    With 3 decades in IT solution automation, Jana is an expert in anything technical.

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  • Gopi Shukla

    Chief Consultant - IT Infrastructure & Networking

    Gopi is a global expert with 20+ years in IT Infrastructure, Cyber Security & Networking

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  • Amit Kumar Sen

    Sr. Consultant, Enterprise Applications

    Amit Sen is a global expert with 12 years of experience in Project Management.

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  • Ashok Sadasivam

    Senior Manager – IT Infra & Network

    Ashok is a global expert with 15+years of experience in Network Administration.

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  • Prathima Bhat

    Consultant-Enterprise Applications

    Prathima is a global expert with 10+years of experience in Product Testing and Test Management.

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  • Sonal Mittal

    Principal Consultant - Project Management & Testing

    Sonal is an accomplished Testing Expert and Project Manager.

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  • Manasa

    Developer, Enterprise Applications

    Manasa is a HTML Content Manager with 2 year of experience in Enterprise Applications.

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  • Roopendra Singh

    Analyst Enterprise Applications

    Roopendra singh is an expert ERP Analyst and Functional Consultant.

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  • Sumit Sen

    Business Development Team

    A result oriented professional with 1 year of experience in System Implementation.

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  • Shikha Singh

    Intern - Enterprise Applications

    IT Professional with 5 Years experience in sales, Software Development and Data Analytics.

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