Reliable IT solution for Data Analytics

Reliable IT solution for Data AnalyticsIT Consulting

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Predict Sys Inc. uses Big Data and Advanced Technologies such as AI, machine learning, and customer sentiment analysis to improve fashion forecasting and generate automated profit and customer experience optimization recommendations. Predict Sys generates automated, specific, and actionable recommendations for planning and inventory management that improves profitability and customer experience.


Client required an offshore partner to provide input data for their AI/ML engine from e-commerce sites and prepare visualization solution.


We developed webcrawlers which ran daily and provide latest data to the AI/ML engine automatically. The output of AI/ML engine is fed to our developed React JS based application for visualization of the ouput of the engine.


Customer is a startup and used the outputs provided by our solution to seek new customers. The outputs were reliable and covered all required data by the customer giving high credibility during the client’s customer demos.

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We are able to develop large-scale applications with a wide range of functionality and can continuously change and improve on our processes without worrying about the application infrastructure.

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